Unexpected Collaborations: MARVEL x STUSSY


Anyone that rocks a fair amount of Stussy clothing, knows that they emphasize their 'tribe' heavily. They're a global 'tribe' - a subculture, started out as a surfing brand, which grew to be endorsed by the urban-youth of the 90s. The back-to-back Ss were iconic in the 90s - mimicking while simultaneously giving the finger to haute couture brands, like Gucci. The Stussy brand stood for 'the people'. The 90s and early 00s were also instrumental to the generation that currently supports the super-hero block-buster movement. Growing up with comic stores while inspiring the creatives of future generations, both industries can be argued to be their own 'tribe. So, back in 2011 they thought it would be a good idea to join forces. 

Series One + Series Two

While the first series included 9 t-shirts of illustrated superheroes interacting in some way with the Stussy logo, the second series involved inviting 9 guest artists (Will Sweeney, David Shrigley, Bill Plympton, Gary Panter, John K., James Jarvis, Todd James, Mister Cartoon and Noah Butkus.) to draw their own inspired version of their favorite character. Each purchase of the item, was accompanied with a limited edition "Stussy x Marvel Trading Cards" pack. 

It's pretty evident that "Series One" was better than "Series Two" to us. But have a look for yourself and see what you think? It's not our favorite collaboration ever, but there are definitely a couple of dope t-shirts in there!