Unexpected Collaborations: BAPE x AMAZON


After some silence, we've found new mind-boggling collaborations that we feel the world shouldn't forget. Some good, some bad. We enjoy being that gentle reminder of what's happened in the past. We've covered big corporate names (i.e. Disney, Microsoft, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell) in the past, who were able to successfully link up with household streetwear names - but continue to surprise ourselves with new findings: 

Currently priced at approximately 76 USD on eBay, arguably one of the internet's largest webshops, Amazon teamed up with A Bathing Ape to create two simple white t-shirts. Available only in Japan (released in 2012), the e-commerce juggernaut used these items to promote their (then) newly launched retail locations. While the first t-shirt shows nothing more than the yellow Amazon "smiling logo" (and a BAPE logo detail on the left arm), the second t-shirt really shows the two brands doing more than just stroking each other's egos / logos. With the BAPE monkey packing AMAZON boxes it's the highlight of this shortly-lived, immediately sold-out capsule collection - named the "Amazon.co.jp t-shirts"