whatsgood. on Netflix: Home Alone

Christmas is just around the corner and because of that we are getting a little nostalgic in the office. As 90’s kids we grew up with a lot of great movies (great, in the sense that we loved them as kids… but as adults that don’t always hold up) such as Commando, Sidekicks, Coming to America, and Jurassic Park (which still fucking holds up!).

One of the best holiday movies during that time was Home Alone. What child wouldn’t enjoy the slapstick comedy and the feeling of adultness that Kevin McCallister displays when trying to protect his home from two burglars.

The movie was great because the story is told from the point-of-view of an 8 year old during Christmas in America. The craziness of a house full of relatives, dealing with your asshole brothers and sisters treating you like the lowest rung of the ladder, annoying aunts and uncles, and parents that are too busy to pay attention to you, is something that we have all experienced during the holidays at least once in our lives.

Enjoy one of the better parts of the holiday season with Netflix and try not to let all the damn Christmas music on repeat ruin it for you.

With a 7.5/10 on IMDb it is fairly well ranked.


Bonus: a bit of a tradition in my family (well, all five of the boys) was to watch Full Metal Jacket… purely because we weren’t supposed to.