Wall Writers: Graffiti In Its Innocence trailer

We’ve been taking a look into the beginning of street art and the background of graffiti writing with our The Evolution of Street Art series s which is why when we came across this trailer we became very intrigued. Watch the trailer below before you go on reading, otherwise it will just be boring, context-lacking text.

Check the website to pre-order the full film.

It’s crazy to think about how graffiti and, by extension street art, evolved into what it is today considering how basic it initially began. Starting off as just a bunch of bored, delinquent, often poor kids spraying their names in as many places as possible to a) impress their friends with being able to place them in obvious spots without people seeing, b) get as many people as possible to know their tag and therefore name (i.e. COOL EARL, TAKI 183), and c) the thrill of getting chased by the cops. One thing that is evident it that competition is the greatest innovator. Graffiti writers in the early days were in constant competition to outdo each other and make the coolest piece, thankfully this resulted in artwork evolving out of tags that just looked like shit.

I’m not a fan having to pay for this documentary so probably won’t see it fully for a while but there is a great documentary from a long time ago available on YouTube called Style Wars that you should definitely watch, fo free...