whatsgood. top 16 of '16 [no. 8 - 5]

It's December. Next to buying presents, decorating Christmas trees, eating and drinking way too much and hanging out with relatives you don't particularly like, this also means it's time for end-of-the-year-lists! We at whatsgood. don't want to fall behind and we like having heated debates about this shit so we present our "whatsgood. top 16 of '16" list. The idea is very simple: our 16 favorite music releases of 2016. These can be either EP's or full-length albums.

Here's our no. 8 - 5 (also check out no. 16 - 13 and no. 12 - 9):

8. NxWorries - Yes Lawd!

NxWorries consists of producer Knxwledge (who has worked together with artists like Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar in the past) and rapper/vocalist Anderson .Paak. Knxwledge is known for his lo-fi heavily jazz inspired beats. Together with Paak's raspy and nasal voice as well as soulful and effortless sounding flow, it's a match made in heaven.

Favorite tracks: "Lyke Dis", "Suede" and "Link Up"

7. Vince Staples - Prima Donna EP

On his critically acclaimed debut album Summertime '06, Vince Staples already showed his versatility and his penchant for experimental sounds. On his latest EP entitled Prima Donna, he worked together with producers NO I.D. and DJ Dahi (who also produced most of the tracks on his debut record) and with British musician James Blake, resulting in a record which shows that Staples is not done exploring and pushing the boundaries of his music. Furthermore, the EP is accompanied by a short film that is a masterpiece in itself.

Favorite tracks: "War Ready", "Smile" and "Prima Donna" (feat. A$AP Rocky)

6. Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo

We were cautiously excited when Kanye West announced the release of his seventh studio album. He is without a doubt one of the most talented and influential hip hop artists of this decade, but his last record Yeezus didn't appeal to us at all. We we're a bit afraid that his ambition to keep reinventing himself and keep pushing the boundaries of hip hop would result in another album that's filled with experimental, electronic beats that lack the soulfulness and character of his previous work. Luckily, Yeezy proved us wrong! 

Favorite tracks: "Ultralight Beam" (feat. Chance The Rapper), "No More Parties in LA" (feat. Kendrick Lamar) and "Fade"

5. Moodymann - DJ-Kicks

Moodymann's atypical appearance (often performing with his face hidden behind a mask) and DJ-sets alike have given him the status of a legend within the house scene. His sets are unpredictable, esoteric and very eclectic. He switches between hip hop, soul, disco, house and techno in a seemingly effortless and very organic way. And this is exactly what he does on his first officially licensed mix CD for the 51st entry in the DJ-Kicks series. Across 75 minutes and 30 tracks, of which 11 are edits made by himself, Moodymann takes you on a musical journey. 

Favorite tracks: does not apply