whatsgood. webshop discounts

Item: Lot Madeleine "Travel to Explore, Not to Escape" Photo: Travis Hatridge

Item: Lot Madeleine "Travel to Explore, Not to Escape"
Photo: Travis Hatridge

The whatsgood. webshop has started discounting some of the most "in-demand" items. It's the end of the season, and just like many other stores at the moment, this calls for discounts. We've all gone on shopping-frenzies when the sale-period hits, but given the unique combination of art and apparel - this gives you the chance to update your wardrobe as well as hang new items on your wall. 

We spent some time making new cool photos of some our favorite items currently available; from Saลกa Ostoja's cheeky illustrations, to Lot Madeleine's inspiring words, the art available in our webshop will soon include new works of these same artists as well as new names (keep an eye out)

That all being said, the whatsgood. webshop has also been blessed with a beautiful collaboration together with Love Grenade, as well as the presence of brands like Orange Juice and Soldiers at Leisure. But how could we not speak on the discount offered on the "whatsgood. wearables" t-shirt (the first item of a future elaborate merchandise line). Grab them while they're still available (low on stock)!

We hope that your mouth is watering as much as ours while looking at these pictures, so head over to the webshop and take advantage of some of these sales!

All photos owned by whatsgood. 
Photographer: Travis Hatridge