BBC Three's 4-part Grime documentary "The Story of Grime"

Back in the early 2000's people thought that Grime was going to break through and rival the Hip Hop scene in America, but sadly that didn't happen. Now, about a decade later it seems that Grime is once again on the verge of a break through. 

This time the internet is a bit more developed to spread the word. BBC Three got together with South London's A.Dot for a documentary on "The Story of Grime." Check out this four-part documentary and learn about the origins of one of the UK's biggest cultural imports through the art of the Clash, and from names like Skepta, Wiley, and Dizzee Rascal. (Don't be a twat, be sure to watch it on fullscreen mode)

We also got a little bonus material for you. Check out the Grime scene in Japan. They've already got their streetwear game down, it won't be a surprise of they start bringing out big names in Grime in the future. Full Circle: Grime In Japan