Unexpected Collaborations: Disney x 7 Street Wear Brands

Walt Disney, better known as the founder of The Walt Disney Company has been around since 1923. We've all seen the inspirational quotes and watched short interviews on and about him, but what do we know about his company's love for street wear? At the age of 27 he created his infamous cartoon character Mickey Mouse - who quickly became an international icon. So what does all of this have to do with street wear? Well starting from 2008 the Disney family started involving itself with street wear brands, coming up with some very dope collaborations. To avoid splitting this up into 10+ different articles, we decided to write one that aggregates all of the dopest collaborations that they did, since 2008. See what you think - we think that some of these are pretty cool.



First on the list, while not necessarily our favorite - the Japanese street wear heavy-weight XLARGE and Disney teamed up to make a set of t-shirts where Disney characters were confronted with their stronger and more aggressive shadows (i.e. the XLARGE iconic gorilla). The collaboration was two-way - there was also a variation on the designs where the XLARGE gorilla saw a Mickey Mouse shadow.

In 2010, this collaboration was revisited with one of our favorite items on this list. A varsity jacket.


As massive The Hundreds fans, we're sure that you've all been aware of this collaboration. What's dope about it? Well, Bobby Hundreds (co-founder and creative director of The Hundreds) said the struggle to get this "green lit" was real. The t-shirts not only depict The Lost Boys from Peter Pan, but also gave them each a street-credit-worthy dress sense. Nice to know that the Walt Disney Company slowly started warming up to the street wear scene.

Better yet, though, Bobby even explained on a blogpost from The Hundreds' website: 

“The Lost Boys have always been a metaphor for The Hundreds. If you recall, they’re the ragtag set of mischievous kids who spend their days fighting pirates and defying age with the rest of Neverland in the Peter Pan story. Likewise, The Hundreds is exactly that, we’ve always felt forever young as long as we continue to live off our dreams. Fighting pirates, authority, corporate or bootleggers, however you may interpret that.” (see full post here)

Skip to 2009, and you're probably wondering - why has the notorious street wear king of collaborations not involved itself? They have. Supreme took a simple but cool stab at it. 



Skipping some indisputable cool collaborations with the likes of Undefeated and Vans, we fast-forward to 2010 where Stussy decided to intervene in a unique way.



Where a lot of brands were sticking to the more famous and recognizable characters of the Walt Disney family, Stussy decided to change the perspective. Not available in regular retail stores, and entirely loved in Japan, Stussy took liking for the relatively unknown character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Who? Other than looking really dope, the character was made a legend on the silver screen - having over 20 silent films made by Walt Disney himself. 



In 2011, they teamed-up with COMME des GARCONS to make arguably our favourite item in the list. A simple t-shirt, with a simple design, but holy crap does this hit the nail on the head. Put this on a hoodie and we're buying the whole stock!

Let's not move away too quickly away from this collaboration though, because it was the start of a regularly revisited relationship. In 2014 they brought the following t-shirts to life. They sold out. We're not speaking on physically selling-out of stock - but they basically took it 'overboard' in our opinion.



Working together on two separate occasions in 2016, the Canadian travelling-gear company focused the first collaboration on Winnie The Pooh, while the second on a 'deconstructed' Mickey Mouse (focusing only on the most recognizable traits of the cartoon character). 



We couldn't skip the last, yet secretly a guilty pleasure collaboration - A Bathing Ape took Mickey Mouse and dressed him up in some BAPE camouflage. We're not sure if there's a story behind this one, except that it's fucking dope!