4 reasons why people love Stan Smiths

1.       The design

Stan Smiths 4.jpg

Stan Smiths, even in their earliest incarnation, were simple in design as they were created to fit the all-white aesthetic of tennis gear at the time. After all the shoe was named after the number one tennis player at the time (though for a while they were actually named after another tennis start Robert Haillet). Even the three stripes of Adidas were replaced by three perforated strips making the shoes more minimal in design. Despite this original design having been created in the 1970’s, the silhouette has not changed much since. This simple design combined with the bold green trim on the heel and tongue proved to be hit due to is ability to go with almost any outfit.


2.       They are cheap

If you follow any style bloggers, fashionista instagrammers, or lifestyle/fashion publications you have likely seen Stan Smiths and probably a lot of them. As mentioned previously, the simple design of the Stan Smith’s mean that they are well suited to being paired with many outfits, and unlike many other “fashion” pieces they are relatively cheap. The classic white and green Stan Smith’s go for between €60-100 depending on where you look. Which is good because white sneakers are a pain to keep clean.


3.       The athleisure trend

In the past few years fashion has been trending towards the combination of athletics into every day wear, whether it be the adoption of sports materials in clothing or sports inspired cuts, our clothes are becoming more sporty. Sneakers have been at the forefront of this invasion of athletics into everyday life, by showing that comfort doesn’t mean a sacrifice on style.


4.       They are popular with popular people

In 2012 Adidas pulled the Stan Smiths from the shelves after slumping sales, only to reintroduce them in 2014 with a huge social media campaign involving celebrities and social media influencers. It worked well as sells of the shoes exploded making it one of this most popular shoes in Nike’s repertoire. Talk about a success story for influencers marketing. 

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