Leonardo DiCaprio’s greatest performance yet, 'Before The Flood'

For a long-time Leonardo DiCaprio has been a spokesperson for the most important issue of the 21st century, the fight against climate change. Back in 2000 Leo gave a speech during the Earth Fair in Washington D.C. and hearing that message again gives the feeling that not a lot of progress has been made in reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the same environment that gives every person around world the means to live.

Before the Flood is the product of three-year journey Leonardo and director Fisher Stevens documented the impacts of climate change across the globe and asked an important question… is it too late for humanity to reverse what could possibly the worst catastrophe the humankind has ever faced?

National Geographic Channel has allowed the documentary to be viewed for a week on YouTube until November 5th. Watch it now. Don’t make excuses, don’t think that you are already “green” so you don’t need to do anything, there is more you can do...  the first step is getting everyone to agree that climate change is real and that it is threatening our lives.

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