Unexpected Collaborations: Herschel Supply x Coca-Cola

In the wise words of DMX, "Here We Go Again!"... You read that correctly, Coca-Cola is returning yet again (for the second time) to the 'unexpected collaborations' series. We want to be able to say that it happened waaay back in the day - but this double-collaboration is from 2016. Coca-Cola teamed up with the infamous Herschel Supply Co. and it happened twice this year! I hear you thinking - "But why was this not announced?!" Quite frankly we don't know, but that makes it all the more 'unexpected'. 

Having had two separate collaborations in one year, both releases are made from recycled PET bottles. That's plastic drinking bottles. Where the second release was focused on generic lifestyle - tote bags, bucket hats, caps, backpacks etc. - it gave you an entire 'look' for a day at the park. The first, focused on the more traditional Herschel Supply Co. travelling bags. Okay, so you're wondering - what do they look like? Below a small description and photos: 

June 2016

Inspired by the "Ice Cold Sold Here" slogan of vintage Coca-Cola vending machines, this collection is complete with a tote bag, back-pack, cap, bucket hat and laptop pouch. Seeing that Herschel Supply Co. strongly believes in travelling and discovery - we kind of get it. How often have you been travelling and longed a glass of coke? I know we have. The thin cooler lining, continues the beverage aesthetic as well as completes the story of 'a day at the park' - which is the theme of this collaboration. Buy the collection here.

January 2016

This collaboration, featuring the travelling gear that Herschel Supply Co. is so famous for, focuses on the print, which supposedly 'welcomes' the generations of travellers in their native languages (by featuring the local iconic Coca-Cola label). I'm lovin' it? No wait.. That's McDonald's.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and bash this collaboration, we're not sure you can bash it at all. The repeated print of the Coca-Cola label in different languages? Looks pretty damn dope. Buy the collection here.