The America's first surf park opens on Friday.

There is nothing better than the cool water splashing against your face as you paddle into wave and feel that wonderful feeling of standing up on your board on a surging wave. What makes it even sweeter is that you didn’t need to break the bank getting to the coast

This Friday the US first surf park (i.e. not a water park with a wave pool) opens to the public in Austin, Texas. If you have ever surfed, and been able to paddle into and pop-up on a wave, you can understand and appreciate surf stoke. Though Austin is not incredibly far from Texas’ best surf spot in the Gulf of Mexico, South Padre Island, the surf park is a proof of concept that is likely the beginning of a wave (see what I did there..) of surf culture developing in landlocked regions. Munich has quite a surf culture due to a river that runs from the Alps straight through a park. Also chexk out the one in Snowdonia, Wales.

Using WaveGarden technology the Nland Surf Park is able to generate a wave that allows a range of surfing from gentle rollers to two-footers and to head high breaks for advanced surfers. Hell if Dubai can build a ski slope in the desert it won’t be long before we start seeing landlocked countries building their own surf parks like this.

Be sure to check out the video of the Nland Surf Park below.