whatsgood. with Cat Burns

Meet Cat Burns. We recently came across this 16 year old London-based singer songwriter and we immediately fell in love with her voice. She offers a wide variety of sounds, but what stands out in each of her tracks are her very mature sounding voice and lyrics. She recently released her debut EP called 'Adolescent' and we highly suggest you give it a listen!

Hi Cat, what’s good? Can you give us a little introduction as to who you are and where you’re from?

My name is Cat Burns and I'm from Streatham in South London. 

Explain your sound to us? How would you describe it?

My voice has an R&B tone to it, however I love to write songs from all types of genres. That's really because I can get bored very easily. I'm dyslexic so my brain operates completely differently to others. I tend to lose interest in things very quickly so that's why I have a tendency to write so many different types of songs. I love feeling free enough to write what I want, whilst I can be honest. 

For how long have you been making music? 'Cause despite your young age and the title of your EP, you sound very mature!

I've been writing and making music since I was a little girl. Of course at 7 the songs are not going to be amazing, but still anytime I was feeling down or stressed music was/is my go to release. 

What are your musical influences?

My musical influences have to be Thirdstory, Tori Kelly, Kehlani, and Ed Sheeran, not to mention Stevie Wonder.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process? Do you write songs on existing productions or is it more of a mutual process in which you work together with a producer to come up with the end result?

Again my creative process is hard to describe. Sometimes I write to existing beats, but most of the time I come up with the melody and write it down, I never need to record myself singing it as I usually just remember the tune. 

Which artist right now is the one you’re most excited about, that you feel everyone should know about?

My favorite artist right now would have to be NAO. Her music has so much feeling. It’s so chilled and the production is amazing.  

Which producers would you love to work with in the future?

I would love to work with Benny Blanco and Rick Rubin. 

How would you describe the music scene in London?

The music scene in London is absolutely amazing, there are always new places for up and coming musicians to perform of a high quality. 

How important is the city of London for you personally?

London is very important because it is like the hub of all popular music. So for an aspiring musician like myself, I love the music scene in London. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

In the future you can expect a lot more material, a lot more music videos, and a lot more collaborations. Just trying to get my name out there.


Listen to Cat Burn's debut EP 'Adolescent' below: