NASA's beautifully designed Exoplanet Travel Bureau poster series.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) is at the forefront of exploration and the technology for that exploration but what you didn’t know is that they have their own design studio as well. Last year JPL created a series of retro/vintage styled space travel posters for the Exoplanet Travel Bureau as a way to inspire people’s interest in space travel. Harking back to the days of pre-World World II poster advertising, the posters in the Exoplanet Travel Bureau give the impression that its actually possible to go to these exotic locations.

The design studio of JPL created a continuation from last year’s posters using some old ideas NASA toyed with the in 60’s like floating cloud cities in the atmosphere of Venus. Sadly, this likelihood of this ever happening is many, many decades to centuries in the future, but the posters from this faux travel agency at available for free download. You can dream about the future while eating that freeze dried Astronaut ice cream we all tried as kids.

Download the posters from The Studio at JPL here.