Unexpected Collaborations: Undefeated x Microsoft

The 5-strike-out logo of this LA-based brand is an unmistakable trade mark of an established veteran, in the field of street wear - Undefeated. Once (long ago) started as an exclusive sneaker store, the brand made waves into becoming an athletics-inspired, first-mover and globally recognized street wear label. In 2015, Microsoft (the Nokia of software computer software and arguably leader of the gaming universe) collaborated with this street wear giant on two separate occasions! 

Halo 5 x Undefeated

On the verge of launching Halo 5, publisher and distributors of the game, Microsoft decided to release a capsule collection with Undefeated. Not a crazy idea if you consider that the 5-strike-out logo matches the name of the game, but what does an athletics-inspired brand have to do with a first-person shoot-em-up game? Crazy, but it happened. 

XBOX x Undefeated

Later in the same year, XBOX decided to release (possibly under the same collaboration agreement) a limited edition controller pack. Fully equipped with an army-green carry bag, and controller that was branded by the LA-based streetwear brand. This collaboration doesn't really have a story. According to Microsoft, street wear fans are the same as gamers, arguably the same person. Always looking for the latest gear, shopping online, while also being up-to-date on the sneaker game... riiiight... Yes Microsoft, you understand youth-culture.