Unexpected Collaborations: Lacoste x A Bathing Ape

Before you freak out and say "Lacoste?! What the actual f#ck", keep in mind that back in the 90s the tennis-brand, started by a tennis player, was worn a lot within the hip hop scene (just like Tommy Hilfiger). Some of you might remember that Tommy Hilfiger (himself) publicly said that, had he known black people would wear his clothing that he would've never made clothing. Yes, that's right - Tommy Hilfiger was the Crystal of the 90s. 

Either way, from Kanye West to Puff Daddy (a.k.a. P Diddy, a.k.a. Diddy, a.k.a. Puffy a.k.a Sean Combes) hip hop publicly supported and rocked the tennis brand that resulted in the brand building some form of hip hop heritage. So, back in 2015 these two brands met each other and decided to collaborate. Under what circumstances you ask? We have no idea. But we do ask ourselves what a semi-prep, polo-t-shirt-loving brand could possibly have to contribute to a Japanese street wear heavyweight? The result was clever. BAPE (a Bathing Ape) took their signature hoodie (with a shark's head on printed on the hood), and replaced the shark with Lacoste's crocodile. This item was the landmark of the capsule collection. Curious to know how the rest of it looked? Have a look below, see what you think: 

Jokes aside though, we'd rock that polo t-shirt. No room for hate on that item!