Unexpected Collaborations: HUF x South Park

Named the "420 Pack", the title to this installment of 'unexpected collaborations' sounds a lot less logical than it actually is. For all of those among us that aren't familiar with the skate-brand HUF, their imagery (printed on shirts, sweaters, etc.) are often marijuana-inspired. Hemp leaves are a reoccurring theme with every new season. So South Park actually fits quite well with them. Let's be honest, it's an animated series made by stoners, for stoners. Moreover, it's also mainly viewed by stoners. It all makes sense. And then they take it one step further... Who's the biggest stoner on the show? That's right, our all-time-favorite South Park character became the center of attention of this drop - Towelie.


The 420 Pack

Fully-equipped with a skate-deck, tote-bag, t-shirt, socks, shorts and a towel, this collaboration may be unexpected, but it hits the sweet-spot of both brands.

It's not something we would buy, but it's definitely dope!