whatsgood. with Soft Glas

Exactly a week ago, Soft Glas released his second album entitled 'Late Bloom' and we've been listening to it since. If you're into the experimental sounds of artists such as Flying Lotus, Lapalux and Robert Glasper, you should definitely check this guy out. Like the just mentioned artists, Soft Glas makes a mixture of multiple genres - (Nu)Jazz, Classical, Electronic, RnB, Neo Soul & Hip Hop - and blends it together beautifully in a very cohesive way. We reached out for a short interview and he was kind enough to take part.

Yo Soft Glas, what’s good? Can you give us a little introduction as to who you are and where you’re from?

Hey! Everything is good. My name is Joao, & I'm a producer/artist born in Cuba and living in Brooklyn, NY. 

Explain your sound to us? How would you describe it?

I've always explained my sound as "awkward." I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way - I mean that I'm always flowing somewhere between 2 distinct styles yet never fully settling on anything. I think that's a result of my musical background.

Aight, so what is your musical background?

My dad is a Jazz pianist (as was his father, his grandfather, etc.). I grew up playing the drums, but stopped playing when I got to college. I got into production and composing shortly after. 

What are your musical influences?

Jazz, Classical (French Impressionism), Hip Hop, RnB. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your production process? Do you use samples? What hardware, software and/or instruments do you use?

I've used Logic since the beginning. No specific reason for that, it's just always felt right. I don't use samples (except for drum hits). Usually I'll sketch out ideas before collaborating with my friends (Alex Szotak, Chargaux, Cautious Clay, Marion Ross III). Once we've added live elements, I'll usually tinker with the song to compliment the instrumentation. It takes me a VERY long time to finish songs. I can get a little obsessive over the smallest details. 

FlyLo has inspired me to express myself in ways only he can

Which artists right now are the ones you’re most excited about, that you feel everyone should know about?

Zack Villere, Alex Szotak, Nick Hakim, Cautious Clay, Chargaux.

Which vocalists would you love to collaborate with in the future?

I would LOVE to work with Thom Yorke. Radiohead is one of my favorite bands of all time. I would also love to work with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Moses Sumney, and Frank Ocean. 

A few quick dilemma’s:

Sampling, VST or instruments?

Instruments whenever possible. There are so many subtleties that are only possible with a musician playing the instrument. There is beauty in human imperfection. 

Jazz, Soul, RnB or Hip Hop?

Jazz. It's in my blood. 

Flying Lotus or The Robert Glasper Experiment?

FlyLo. As much as I love Glasper, FlyLo has inspired me to express myself in ways only he can. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I'm already working on the next project! Also working on my live show!


Listen to 'Late Bloom' by Soft Glas below: