whatsgood. with starRo

Having released an EP with mood-giants Soulection, this L.A.-based and Tokyo-born producer knows how to set the mood for all music lovers. What we would like to describe as a mash between 'future' and RnB, this producer has been releasing banger after banger for as long as we know him (we discovered him a short 2 years ago). We can't find the words to describe how excited we are to be able to cover his sound. Ok, we can: HUGE. Get familiar with him. He was kind enough to do a short interview with us: 


Our favourite track: starRo - Lust


starRo - Making Love


Explain your sound to us? How would you describe it?

My music is always changing. It’s a compilation of all kinds of music I’ve been listening to. It infuses RnB, jazz and soul with modern dance music but other things creep in like rock, ambient, and world music. Each piece is different depending on my mood and feelings at the time but mainly I’m driven by the groove. 

What’s the one thing you absolutely love about the music-scene at the moment? That reminds you every time why you chose this profession?

The world is opening up to a lot of different types of music right now. It’s a really inspiring time. I feel like I can make and play any type of music without killing the vibe. That being said, it’s not perfect yet. We can all always be more open to the things that are out there that are different or challenging. It’s easy to fall into an internet hole and get stuck listening to one kind of music. 

What’s the one thing you’re cringing about at the moment, when it comes to the music-scene? Something that (almost) makes you want to stop?

Because of how important social media is now, it’s almost more important to be a big personality than how good your music is. It’s a really challenging time to make a living making music without building that “lifestyle” brand and personality that goes along with it but I believe in longevity. I want to stay focused on the music because in the long run, it’ll pay back. 

Which of your own productions are your favourite? (and why?)

It’s hard to pick one or two but my favorites are when it feels like it’s truly coming from my soul. Sometimes you can over think what direction to take something or you end up making a track by muscle memory. The best is when it flows out. When something comes out that’s really different, it’s not automatic. I have to go to a different place in me to find that. That’s when it flows from my soul. I felt that for songs like California, The Winner, and this EP I am working on right now that is coming out later this year. 

If you could choose any MC/vocalist to test his/her rhymes on your tracks, who would it be? Or would you rather leave them as is?

I would love to work with FKA Twigs, Bjork, and Chance the Rapper. They are all really doing their own thing and I’d love the challenge of making the most out of what each of them has to bring in their own right. 

Which artist right now is the one you’re most excited about, that you feel everyone should know about?

Owen Thiele x Zack Sekoff is a really great artist in LA who is pretty much unknown right now but I’ve been loving it. 

What can we expect from you in 2016?

A lot more music. I am finishing a collaboration EP with Bosco (Fool’s Gold Records) right now and am currently working on another release as well. Of course there will also be a ton of remixes and a few singles as well. 

Any plans of dropping by Amsterdam soon?

I would love to. Hopefully this year. Get ready!