More than 2 years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album 'Settle', Guy and Howard Lawrence - better known as Disclosure - drop the highly anticipated successor 'Caracal'. The brothers gained fame with their distinctive sound which harks back to 90's house music and UK Garage. Their tracks have always had a R&B/pop edge, but whereas 'Settle' consisted of house music with a pop feel, 'Caracal' can be said to be the opposite - electronic pop music with a house feel. When producing this album, the siblings seem to have focused more on their infamous live shows rather than producing club friendly tracks they can also use in their DJ-sets. The opening track "Nocturnal" featuring The Weeknd sets the tone. If we had to classify this track, the genre of house music wouldn't come to mind. It can probably be best described as electropop.

There are a few exceptions though. "Holding On", "Hourglass" and "Echoes" are tracks that will get people on their feet in the club. "Holding On" features Gregory Porter and is probably our favorite jam on 'Caracal'. Porter's warm and soulful voice fits the production like a glove and gives the track an old school Chicago House vibe. "Hourglass" features LION BABE and has a very minimalistic production. But when you hear the deep bassline that comes in about two minutes in the track, you can't help but make a face as if you just smelled a fart and nod your head to it. "Echoes" is a UK Garage inspired track with classic 4x4 drums that features vocals from Howard, the younger of the two.

Although we at whatsgood. prefer these more dance floor friendly tunes, we can't deny the duo's production skills. Each and every song is almost scarily well produced and tracks such as "Willing and Able" and "Superego" are gems within their own genre. Also, the closing track "Masterpiece" featuring Jordan Rakei is something special. This very smooth, down-tempo song can best be described as electronic neo-soul. The brothers have said before that they're big D'Angelo fans and that influence is clearly present on this tune.