1: David Choe

An LA street artist that was commissioned to do some murals for several Facebook offices and wisely asked to be paid in stock (now worth $200 million). He is also known for his artwork on the album of Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s Collision Course.  

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2: Skount

A Spanish artist that is now based in Amsterdam. Skount is billed as an artist from every angle and known to be an illustrator, writer, and performer. He travels the world with his art and is known for his use of color and traditional Spanish style influences in some of his work. 

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3: Faith47

She taught herself how to paint and what a talent she is. Coming out of Cape Town, much of her work has African influences and an amazing amount of detail. 

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4: Saner

Not much is known about Saner but this Mexico-based artist has done a lot of exhibitions and has a lot of talent.

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5: Stinkfish  

Coming from Bogota, Coloumbia, Stinkfish’s amazingly colorful and trippy murals, make you feel like you are overdosing on another Colombian export. His work is truly psychedelic.

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6: La Pandilla

La Pandilla is a duo based out of Puerto Rico. Their style is characterized crazy, animal hybrids that you just can’t stop looking at.

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