Banksy’s Dismaland

Source: StreetArtNews:

Banksy, the largest and the most anonymous name in street art, has decided to take his satirical and countercultural style of art into a new form of exhibition. Dismaland opened in Weston-Super-Mare a few weeks ago and this “theme park honoring decay” has attracted a lot of attention.

Some examples of Banksy’s “attractions” include a paparazzi induced Cinderella carriage crash, alluding to Princess Dianna’s fatal accident in the 90’s and a model boat race with rafts overflowing with refugees drawing up images of the recent exodus of refugees fleeing to Europe.

Ideas like this are why Banksy is so popular by some and hated by others (mainly by people on the receiving end of his satire and comments on society). Fortunately, this dystopian view of society has been created by someone with no agendas attached to their name and hopefully it will serve as a cautionary tale to some, and at the very least it is a fun “day out for the family.”

For those not familiar with the work of Banksy, check out some of his best works.