Street art and particularly graffiti has always been a subversive form of art. The anonymity of the artist often adds to the statement of the piece itself as the viewer is forced to form their own opinions behind the artist’s image and motivation.

A great, recent example of this is a piece done by an artist called MES in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The States are in a social uproar of inequality, police brutality and racism sparked by actions of various police forces around the country. The picture above is a comment on this situation. A lot of people aren’t sure whether they should be offended or supportive, as the actual message is not clear, or more accurately, the race of the artist and his political views are not clear.

Read the full story here for more info.

Art in general and street art specifically is intended to challenge people and force them to consider different perspectives and this piece does that in many ways.

What are your thoughts on this piece by MES?