Almost precisely a year after the release of his debut album 'Futuristic Love', New York-based producer GEOTHEORY releases a new EP called 'Inner Planets' on record label Flow-Fi. The record consists of just 4 tracks, but GEOTHEORY manages to once again show off his versatility. When hearing 'Mercury', the prologue, one could assume that it's the beginning of an instrumental jazz EP. However, when the beat of 'Venus' kicks in, that assumption will immediately be off the table. 'Venus' and the following track 'Earth' (featured in our latest whatsgood. playlist) are fine examples of GEO's trappy electronic beats. On the final track 'Mars', on the other hand, he shows his ability to make very dance floor friendly house tunes like he did before with for example 'Natsukashi'.

Watch the video teaser of the EP below and listen to and/or buy the record via the player at the bottom of the page.