If you were born in the 80’s like us, you are probably familiar with the sound of the British band Sade, named after their British/Nigerian lead singer Sade Adu. Whether it’s their biggest hit “The Sweetest Taboo” or tracks such as “Nothing Can Come Between Us” and “No Ordinary Love”.

To celebrate reaching 200K followers on SoundCloud, SOULECTION put together a 12 track compilation called “Love is King” that pays tribute to Sade. It features tracks of J-Louis, PYRMDPLAZA and LAKIM. All the tracks contain samples of the soul band. The voice of the singer blends extraordinary well with the electronic beats we’re used to of SOULECTION. Spring has officially started yesterday and there couldn’t be a better compilation than this one to kick off that beautiful season. O and the best part, it’s available as a free download!