Carhartt WIP is a distinctly American brand and has been for about 120 years. Carhartt in Europe on the other hand stepped almost completely away from work clothing that started it in America and is known as a street wear brand. This is such a massive shift that almost no one outside of construction world in Europe knows of Carhartt as anything other than street wear clothes and you would be hard pressed at find their street wear collection in America. So much so that Out of the 72 Carhartt streetwear stores there is only one in the US, in New York.

In the 80s Carhartt became popular with New York crack dealers because of their durability and many pockets; this eventually made its way into rapper/hip hop culture. Seeing this popular street wear trend among rappers, Europeans started importing the Chore Jacket and this soon after Carhartt was born.

Carhartt started WIP with collaborations in 2013 and some of our favorite collections involve the above.