It’s high time we post about some quality house music. Although our first webisode focused on DJ and party promoter Chris Julien, the topic of house music has been a bit underexposed on our blog so far. It’s time to change that with a post on none other than Bill Francis and Lewis Darvill, better known as Kry Wolf. They are fast becoming recognized as one of UK’s big underground players due to their distinctively creative and varied production style and consistently strong releases. Their newest single “Orbit” is set to release on one of our favorite labels, MadTech Records, on November 23 (it’s already been unofficially released as a Beatport Exclusive on November 10).

MadTech Records was founded in 2012 as an offshoot imprint to Madhouse Records, the long-running record label by one of house music’s originators and legends Kerri Chandler. He launched the sub label as a platform for young upcoming talents who put their own twist on the 4×4 template. Among the artists that released on MadTech are CitizenWaze & OdysseyCelsius and AZ&TOR.

Kry Wolf is now added to that list with the release of their single. It features the anthem “Orbit (Give It Up)”, a remix of that track by South Royston, and an additional track called “Church Road Shuffle”. All three are high quality tunes. If you’re a fan of UK Garage, Future Bass and Bassline like us, this release will definitely be up your alley. “Orbit” has a nice melodious build-up and a bangin' drop that will make your neck hurt from nodding your head. “Church Road Shuffle” is a bit darker and calls to mind Shadow Child’s “23”. South Royston’s remix of "Orbit" is a nice addition with more of a Deep House feel to it than the original. Enjoy!