Typically one of the most recognizable and easiest items to begin with in creating your own streetwear style is the sneaker. Sneakers take many forms and offer many styles and allow you to mix and match with your look for the day. Some of us take sneakers to the extreme and become โ€œsneakerheads.โ€

Sneakerheads were born as a culture in the 1980โ€™s whose creation was attributed to basketball (Michael Jordon and the Air Jordon shoes, which came out in 1985) and the birth of hip hop (which gained their street cred as a status symbol.)

In the last decades, sneaker culture emerged in Europe and now contributes $33 billion to a global $55 billion dollar industry. If that has not gotten your attention maybe Matt Powell at will. He writes about the culture and business of sneakers, Sneakernomics.

Sneakernomics: Understanding the International Sneaker Market

Sneakernomics: Growth Opportunities in the Sneaker Business