Together with London-based label, Cult Classic Records, the Belgian beat maker Poldoore steps away from beat-tapes and enters the world of beats with lyrics on a 3-track EP named “Blind Eyes” (his first release of 2015). 

What do we think? Dope! The like-named track (“Blind Eyes”) featuring Cise Starr, is reminiscent of the progressive lyrics from Mos Def’s Black on Both Sides. A soulful beat with matching lyrics, this track is definitely the highlight of the EP. 

The remaining two tracks, “Never Defeated” (feat. Nieve & EME) and “Angel Dust” (feat. Awon & Dephlow) bring back the forgotten vibes of Jazz Liberatorz and/or Pharcyde. Although not of the same stature, the beats are on par and the lyrics introspective and at occasionally thought-provoking.  

The perfect EP to play while having your morning coffee or simply to wind-down to after a long and hard day/week. Most importantly, it’s a free download and we would advise all hip hop lovers to give it a try!