The latest webisode of whatsgood. features Roy van Kempen, the owner of the lifestyle blog and the affiliated street wear brand Orange Juice. OJ’s Fall/Winter ’14 collection released last weekend and we like it! As with former collections, the new apparel is clearly inspired by established street wear brands, but has an original and authentic feel to it. They take what’s best from other brands and blend it with influences drawn from BMX culture as well as the city of Amsterdam.

Eye catchers of the new collection are the Orange Juice Baseball Jersey and the Orange Juice Wolf Tee. The first is a classic baseball jersey which has the brand’s name across the chest with letters made from felt. The latter is a pocket tee in collaboration with Amsterdam based illustrator Sven Franzen. The pocket captures the phrase: “A wolf does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” A phrase that reflects the intractability of the brand as well as the blog and a phrase that whatsgood. can strongly relate to. The back of the tee features an illustrated interpretation of the phrase made by Franzen. The black figure on a white background somewhat resembles the style of Piet Parra.