LASER 3.14

Amsterdam, like any major city (European or otherwise) is an outlet of creative, out-of-the-box artists. When it comes to graffiti artist some prefer to freehand, some like to use stencils like Albert Heijnstein and some prefer pasting posters up of their colorful creations. Graffiti’s subversive nature often times tends to have some political/philosophical message or at the very least some satire that forces you to think on a deeper level. Graffiti being illegal, we rarely know who the artist is and thus have no way of understanding there meaning expect for creating our own. Laser 3.14 takes a different approach to graffiti by doing away with the colorful display and instead goes right for the nitty gritty of provocative ideas, something unexpected that makes you wonder at its meaning and confront your own beliefs. Street poetry in essence.

“Facebook is the opium of the people,” “I’m dying but its ok, we are all born dead anyway,” “healthcare or health scare?” Laser 3.14’s preferred canvas is the temporary construction site walls, a wall of metal tubing and plywood. A medium that like his ideas and statements, are temporary and quick to change in the minds of his audience.

His pseudonym of Laser 3.14 is a reference to his love of science fiction and in particular Pi. Dubbed as the greatest and sometimes mystical number in mathematics. Besides his activities in graffiti, Laser 3.14 is also an accomplished artist and graphic artist who in 2009 came out with a book titled, Are you reading me?

Next time you walk down the streets of Amsterdam keep your eyes peeled for the ever present construction and you might find yourself lucky for a little hidden gem of inspiration to help you challenge the norm.