Streetart is right up our alley and what is often done in alleys? Graffiti.

The most common utensil of a graffiti artist is the spray can and any graffiti artist knows that not all spray cans are created equal. Like any true artist, a graffiti artist puts pride in his work and needs quality equipment to express himself. Henxs has those quality spray cans and markers, not to mention many other items from the graffiti sub-culture.

Various graffiti related photography books and well design T-shirts can also be found among their core products of spray cans.

Henxs offers not only the supplies such as spray cans, caps, markers, refills, gloves, and respiration masks, but our favorite, a balaclava, for added privacy. With discrete delivery and multiple payment options in its web shop, Henxs has what you need for your nefarious creativity.
If you are an artist looking to gear up or just a graffiti lover Henxs is whatsgood in the scene.