Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s we all developed a love of the most dynamic form of entertainment, videogames. Super Nintendos, Doom, Duck Hunt, and the various arcade games that ate the coins right out of our pockets. As we grew older we lost touch with the games we grew up with and began to buy in to the latest titles with the hottest graphics. Sadly, as games evolved we lost the social aspect of going to an arcade hall and hanging out with our best mates, taking turns to beat the next level.

Fortunately for us and thanks to some incredible crowd funding, we were blessed with a blast from many of our pasts. De TonTon Club.

Right in the heart of the Red Light District, the TonTon Club lets our generation indulge in another guilty pleasure, arcade games, board games and alcohol. This place doesn’t only stop at vintage arcade games but it regularly has events like RC car races, more modern attractions and daytime labs for game developers and the more serious aficionados.

If you are up for a little nostalgia and some fun with friends, then weave yourself through the crowds of tourists gawking at the ladies of the night and check out what’s good at De TonTon Club.