WHATSGOOD. TOP 15 OF '15 [NO. 10 - 6]

It's December. Next to buying presents, decorating christmas trees, eating and drinking way too much and hanging out with relatives you don't particularly like, this also means it's time for end-of-the-year-lists! We at whatsgood. don't want to fall behind and we like having heated debates about this shit so we present our WHATSGOOD. TOP 15 OF '15 list. The idea is very simple: our 15 favorite music releases of 2015. These can be either EP's or full-length albums.

Here's our no. 10 until 6 (check out no. 15 - 11 here):


10. Sef - In Kleur

What happens when you put 2 of Holland's most talented producers (SirOJ & FS Green) together to produce the album of a rapper who has an ear for catchy and poppy choruses? You end up with a bunch of tracks that get stuck in your head all day! SirOJ & FS Green both started of as hip-hop producers, but soon started exploring an extensive list of other genres. This is very noticeable on "In Kleur". The album isn't really definable by one genre. It's not hip-hop, it's not pop, it's just Sef.

Favorite tracks: "Ze Zeggen" & "Het Beste"


9. Thundercat - The Beyond/ Where The Giants Roam

Brainfeeder is a difficult camp to ignore. They always have been. Thundercat released a 6-track EP, "The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam" in 2015 and it definitely deserves everyone's attention. As a follow-up to his "Apocalypse" release in 2013, this EP strips down its predecessor to the Jazz core. Where "Apocalypse" still had a pinch of disco and/or funk to it, "The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam" is purely mood and atmosphere. This is a typical Brainfeeder release - loving music in every sense of it, in all corners, home to everyone yet no-one. We would almost consider it a prequel to "Apocalypse".  

Favorite tracks: "Song for the Dead" & "Them Changes"

8. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Manon

Due to their since day one non-conformist attitude, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig can get away with pretty much everything. So if they decide they want to make a love-inspired, kitschy album on which there's more singing than rapping going on, they just do it. And with a genius like Bas Bron as the producer, you know it's gonna sound nice anyway. And it does!

Favorite tracks: "Manon" & "Ik Was Een Klootzak"


7. Disclosure - Caracal

disclosure caracal.png

More than 2 years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album "Settle", Disclosure drops the highly anticipated successor "Caracal". Their tracks have always had a R&B/pop edge, but whereas "Settle" consisted of house music with a pop feel, "Caracal" can be said to be the opposite - electronic pop music with a house feel. Although we at whatsgood. prefer the more dance floor friendly tunes on the album, we can't deny the duo's production skills. Each and every song is almost scarily well produced and tracks such as "Willing and Able" and "Superego" are gems within their own genre.

Favorite tracks: "Holding On" & "Hourglass"


6. Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful

If you follow whatsgood. a little bit, you probably know that we’re huge fans of the 140 kilo’s weighing, vast ginger beard rockin’ chef-turned-rapper known as Action Bronson. It’s important to remember Action’s personality while listening to this album: shameless, unapologetic and funny as shit. Bronson’s personality has always seeped through in his music and luckily it does so as well on "Mr. Wonderful". So when you hear tracks like “City Boy Blues”, “A Light in the Addict”, “Baby Blue” and “Only in America”, remember his authentic personality that unapologetically does whatever is true to him.

Favorite tracks: "Actin Crazy" & "Baby Blue"