1. San Francisco, California

With murals all over the place and the areas of The Mission, District Tenderloin, and SOMA, and even some Banksy pieces, SanFran as a lot of offer.


2. Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Wall is always a mecca, but you can find more in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg and KΓΆpi.

3. Bogota,Colombia

The La Candelaria district mixes art with historic architecture for a great juxtaposition.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Not only is there a Galeria de Arta Urbana which features a wall of graffiti, the yellow trams that travel the city are also covered in graffiti. 

5. London. U.K.

East London in general and more particularly Shoreditch is where the streetart is at. So to catch some people honing their skills head to Leake Street and maybe add some of your own. 

6. Melbourne, Australia

Hosier lane and Laneway in Melbourne are the places to be, grab some coffee from an indie joint and stick around.