1. Logos everywhere


Streetwear style is often about being seen in the right clothes and it is about the status or image that the brand you are wearing entails. This is quite different from more high fashion brands where logos are seen as a bit of a no-no. In short, logos are big in streetwear, they are prominently displayed and worn with pride. The Hundreds, Stussy, and Undefeated have made serious money off of logo tees and crewnecks.

2. White as new

With sneakers it is important that they are kept as pristine as possible so keep your white sneakers WHITE. The relationship with streetwear and sneakers is closer than that of water and life. As streetwear is about being noticed and a bit of flash, your sneakers should be treated like family. 

3. Sweatpants and cuffed pants

Sweatpants are back in but usually only higher-end styles or brands. Regardless of that cuffed pants are the go to for streetwear lovers. Whether its cuffed skinny jeans, cuffed sweat pants or cuffed shorts, just make sure it’s paired with an oversized top and sneakers.


Streetwear has been heavily influenced by military surpluses, which is probably why camouflage is big. Streetwear is usually about being noticed but sometimes you want to be invisible.  

5. Oversized is in

Oversized clothes, mainly shirts, sweaters or jackets, paired with some tight fitting jeans is the streetwear uniform of many. This is so much the case that some brands even purposely make their sizes bigger. Oversized is in so be sure to include into your wardrobe. 

6. A cap, always

Caps go with everything, let’s be honest. If you choose the right cap and sneakers it will work just fine with a blazer. Typically the New Era style caps work best.