DazzledSticks: Free Download EP

Holland’s first high-profile free download has been realised, with none other than Zwolle-based MC Sticks and Amsterdam-based producer Dazzled. The EP has a real feel-good, summer vibe to it, which is obviously very welcome mid-autumn. Where Sticks (known from his extensive work with Opgezwolle and Fakkelbrigade) has always chosen darkly-edged beats, the very prominent (sometimes 8-bit driven) vocal sound is a new leaf he’s turning over. Feel good. Imagine 90's Will Smith.

Maybe we should’ve expected it with the recent ‘Waar Wacht Je Op?!’ release, together with Opposites member and producer Big2. That being said, we’re excited with this release! The beats are different from what you expect. So sit back, light a spliff and be open minded, because it’s a nice vibe. 

We like it! Tell us what you think and download it here: http://www.dazzledsticks.nl/