whatsgood. likes exposing fresh new talent as well as lesser known artists and brands. We therefore feel strongly connected to initiatives such as Film Noir Sound, which is a record label and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide. Based out of Kingston, Jamaica, the label scouts SoundCloud in search of hidden talent. โ€œStarting Film Noir Sound, I wanted to build a platform for artists, by artists,โ€ co-founder Krs. said, โ€œI know how frustrating and discouraging it can be trying to get your music heard.โ€ Film Noir Sound hopes to emulate the idea of being the โ€œleaders of the new schoolโ€ by always looking for the next new thing and their latest release "Cinema Black" does just that. It showcases young, new artists, ranging from 16-23 years old, that were handpicked by the label. The idea and philosophy behind Film Noir Sound resembles that of SOULECTION a lot and so does the sound that they're trying to bring forward. "Cinema Black" features future beats, future r&b, trap and hiphop. Enjoy!