In 2016 we became an official media partner with ADE Beats, the hip hop, base, and beats part of ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). Three videos were created with international and local artists Sevn Alias, the global collective Soulection, and the Amsterdam-based, grime music collective Grimeyard.


Sevn Alias | whatsgood. x ADE Beats

To kick off the collaboration with ADE Beats, we're proud to release the webisode on Rotterdam-based MC and promise of Dutch rap, Sevn Alias. Having recently dropped his debut studio album (named "Trap Grammy"), he's quickly turning heads on the local Dutch scene. With a deep and attention-grabbing voice, in combination with his love for Arabic slang he's quickly become one of the most promising up-and-coming Dutch talents - gaining traction throughout the entire scene in the Netherlands. The punchline? He's independent. Not signed to a major label, releasing everything himself - he's the new face of Dutch hip hop, making waves on his own strength. We had the chance to sit down with him and discuss his vision on the future...


Soulection | whatsgood. x ADE Beats

For the second installment of the ADE Beats mini-series, we covered the LA-based, global collective Soulection! We had the opportunity to follow and speak to three members of the team - co-founder and DJ - Joe Kay, Director of Worldwide Bookings and Partnership and DJ - The Whooligan and talented artist and DJ - SOSUPERSAM. We spoke to them about what makes Soulection the reckoning force in music that it is, as well as what makes the global collective unique in a way that is helping them make waves - from hosting their own radio-show, to curating their own festival stages globally, etc.

"With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music."


Grimeyard | whatsgood. x ADE Beats

For the final installment of the ADE Beats mini-series, we spoke to Amsterdam-based collective - Grimeyard. With a motto like "bridging the gap between London and Amsterdam", they're doing exactly that - playing the role of UK Grime ambassadors in Amsterdam. Having hosted a regularly scheduled radio-show on SLAM FM radio station, as well as helping UK Grime legends perform and record in Amsterdam - they are the authority to speak with on the topic of UK Grime's resurgence. With outspoken opinions, we spoke to them about the current hype around the genre, the past and the future...