Music Video: 'Drank & Spijt' by Audio Doldoise

We present to you our first venture into the world of music videos. We've made the video for the latest single of up and coming Amsterdam-based rap trio Audio Doldoise, consisting of Pjotr Goloise, Floja van der Tell 'em, and Dav-a-dav. The track is called 'Drank & Spijt', which translates to 'Booze & Regrets', and that title sums up the song's message pretty well. Audio Doldoise tries to make music that's accessible, but at the same time a little peculiar and disconcerting. This is very much present in 'Drank & Spijt'. The lyrics are about drinking your sorrows away and losing yourself in meaningless encounters with women, but the track has an uplifting reggae feel to it and features a catchy sing-a-long like chorus. We've tried to extend this ambiguity into the video.

The video is directed and edited by whatsgood.'s very own Bregt Verhagen, and shot by the talented Tom Lammerse. Check it out below.